Confirmation preparation 2023 will run from March – May. Registration will be open from MLK day – Ash Wednesday (Jan 16 – Feb 22)

Confirmation mass will be on Wednesday May 31, 6:30pm

Please scroll down for all the info, session dates, sponsor requirements, and details for this years program!

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us on the journey to Confirmation! If you have any questions, or want more details please email

Printable Schedule / FAQs / Who Can Be A Sponsor?

Registration has closed: please email Cathleen if you would like to register for this year, or to get information about our next preparation session.

2023 Sponsor Registration Form

Medical-Media Release Form

Retreat Registration (March 31 – April 2)

(Some links are inactive: They will be active as they are ready and made available)

Confirmation 2023: Will be a mix of independent study with the sponsor/candidate pair and parent/candidate groups, as well as large group in-person meetings lead by Cathleen and talks given by different people in our parish including Fr. Bryan, and CORE team members. See below for more details about each component of our program.

Confirmation Date: We will be preparing for confirmation Mass Wednesday May 31

Large Group Sessions: We will meet on the following Sundays from 2:00 – 3:30pm in the Church. (or Social Hall if a scheduling conflict arises). All sessions will be for candidates for confirmation AS WELL AS their own discussion partner (AKA a sponsor or parent)

  • March 12 (with parents)
  • March 19 (with sponsors)
  • March 26 (with a parent OR sponsor)
  • April 23 (with a parent OR sponsor)
  • April 30 (with a parent OR sponsor)
  • May 7 (with a parent OR sponsor)
  • Wednesday May 24: 6:30pm Mass (Regular Wed evening Mass)
    • Rehearsal following from 7pm – 8pm (this is the required portion of the evening)
    • Confession Opportunity / Adoration from 8pm – 9pm

Independent Study:

I will be emailing out 5 “take home sessions” for completion at home with a sponsor:

  • designed to take about 1 hour
  • 20 – 30 min. of video content
  • 30 – 40 min. of discussion time

Service component:

The goal of a service component of our confirmation preparation program is 3 fold:

  • Get involved in our parish community and experience a part of what being a part of a living Catholic community feels like.
  • Engage with service and outreach in order to experience the beauty of our Catholic Social Teaching and Jesus’ mandate to love our neighbors and serve those on the margins.
  • Grow in community with their peer group of faith through action in hopes that friendships formed in faith and service of others will sustain us throughout our lifetime.

Service opportunities this year include:

  • YMP Service Saturday: Date TBD (probably March 25th or end of April)
  • Help with Easter Triduum Services:
    • Holy Thursday: all candidates for confirmation are expected to attend and help with the candlelit path
    • Good Friday: help carrying the cross
    • Holy Saturday: help passing out and collecting candles

Retreat Component:

March 31 – April 2 at Camp Hamilton: Registration for retreat will be available on March 1

The goal of our retreat component:

  • To retreat from the structures and pulls of daily life, in order to more clearly hear the voice of our Lord in our lives.
  • To experience and engage with our faith on a practical and emotional level and not just an intellectual level.
  • To build peer relationships based in faith.
  • To reflect on how the Lord has touched each of our lives in different ways.
  • To discern what areas of our life the Lord is callings us to something new.

This year retreat will be on March 31st – April 2nd for middle schoolers. We will start with Stations of the Cross here at the parish (optional fish fry before hand for your family) and then we will depart for camp after stations of the cross. High Schoolers have a retreat opportunity either before the program officially starts in Feb: winter retreat Feb 10 – 12, or possibly in the spring (TBD).

High School Candidates:

  • I recognize that we will most likely have some high school candidates for preparation. Once registration has happened and we have a better idea of the age split there is a possibility that some of the older high school kids will do a more age appropriate group study lead by Andrew and Cathleen. We have to see how the age split of registration is before we make this determination.
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