Hi Parents!

We are here to support you as you walk with your teen through these crazy middle and high school years!  Below are just a few resources that we you might find helpful as a Catholic parent.  Let us know if you ever need support from us: if you need help starting a conversation with your kid, if you have ideas for us, or if you just need some prayer! Know that we feel incredibly blessed to walk alongside your kids/teens in faith, and that we are praying for YOU through this time as well!

Parent Book Club:

We are so excited to announce a Parent Book Club! We are going to start meeting in January – and will be discussing the book “The Discerning Parent” – check out more info here! 

Parent Life:

Have you seen the Parent Life website?!?! This is a great resource for you as parents of teenagers today! There are relevant articles about culture, parenting, and tips on how to keep faith at the center of your busy family life!

We want to support you in your role as primary catechist of your children, and we know that some days that is a scary task! We are here to help!

Here are the 5 easy steps to getting into the parent life page!

  1. Go to our registration page for
  2. Fill in our Parish Code: holyfamily98033
  3. Be sure you enter the code as all lowercase letters (codes are case sensitive).
  4. Enter the rest of your information and create a unique username and password to login just for you!
  5. Get started with!
Covenant Eyes:

We now have a community on Covenant Eyes! is an online monitoring and filtering software and accountability community.  We know that our kids have increasing access to online networks, which means that we as responsible adults in their lives have less control over what images they come across.  Covenant eyes is meant to step into that space, and help on a number of different fronts.  It will provide monitoring on all electronic devices and generate a report for the parents for all online activity (specific to specific security level for each user).  It also tracks internet usage statistics, and helps parents start conversations with kids about both internet usage, and pornography.  There is also a filtering option, which will help protect our kids from even coming across pornography in the first place.  They have online books to download, and resources to help you as parent!

Access our HFK Covenant Eyes Community:

  • Sing up through our community for discounted monitoring/filtering services (and access to hardship/free services)
  • access free online e-books about parenting digital natives
  • communicate with your accountability partner about your personal report
  • remove secrecy from online temptations, and empower our youth to be free of addictions
Victory App:

The Victory App is available for both the iphone and android devices.  It helps our teens (and adults) identify what factors lead them into temptation, track when they fall, encourages them to purity and partaking in the sacraments, and allows them to identify accountability partners.

This means that in one discrete app on your kids phone, they can track successful days, request prayers the moment they need them, and even journal about when they are more likely to fall to temptation so that they can avoid sin in the future.

Life Teen Website:

Always a great resource for not only our teens, but also you as parent!


The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has movie reviews, Mass readings, social teaching, and so much more!

We are praying for you! Let us know if we can help in any other ways!

you can also learn more about what Life Teen and EDGE are, an overview of our program, or about our Junior and Senior High programs!

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