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We are continuously striving to cultivate a diverse CORE team of adult and ‘adult type people’ who love Jesus and desire to walk along side our young people through some of the most difficult years of their lives. The greater the diversity on our CORE teams the greater the chance that each and every kid that shows up to a ministry event here at HFK will find someone that they connect with and can look up to in their own personal faith. 

You don’t have to have loved high school or desire to relive those golden middle school years in order to hang out with our young church on their walk through a difficult 6th grade transition year, some 8th grade friend drama, a heartbreaking sophomore competition, or a nostalgic and confusing senior celebration.

Weather you are into hiking, or more of an indoor kid, you love to plan parties or were really living your best life in quarantine, we need you! In order to model diversity of faith and demonstrate that engineers can love Jesus too, you are needed here! Come with whatever passions and interests you have, and are willing to share with us! We will find a way for you to best live out your gifts and talents in service of our young church. 

Junior High CORE Team:

We have Edge Core that are Microsofties, and some that are Amazon “badgers” (and also other employers too). With hobbies that include cake decorating, painting, reality TV viewing, hiking, professional “dad joke” -ing, and professional coffee shop sitting! Some of us love a good game of dodgeball, and some of us are happy to sit on the sideline and talk with the middle schooler that doesn’t!

Senior High Core Team:

High School CORE has some serious prayer warriors! This small but mighty team knows and LOVES Jesus! They love hiking, traveling, cats, and a good cup of tea! They are in need of more people on team coffee and team dog who will be here on the weeks they are traveling the world!

Previous CORE Team Members:

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