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Hi internet! YMP is continuing to be an exceptionally enlightening process, and I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly! (Yesterday we had a contest to see who could say the sentence with the longest words in it.) Today we laughed as Dylan, Owen, and Alex hopped around in sweatshirts (long story),made lunches, we sorted clothes, prepped the food bank, ran the food bank, hung out with Mary, Emily, Richard, Matt, Chris, Brett, and Jordan, and closed off the day with a bonfire and star tipping.

I was on YMP last year, and the day the food bank is open continues to be my favorite day. The smiles of the people we serve warm my heart, and inspire me to continue to serve after the trip is over. Today we had a man, Carl, who had severe heat exhaustion and was shaking in his wheelchair. Even though I never met Carl, the stories they told about his faith and his homelessness showed me that those who have the least actually have the most. The hope and faith that those less fortunate have is heartwarming. We called 911 and Carl was taken away in an ambulance. Later, we all signed a card for him.

Helping out at the food bank makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I have the opportunity to help out and serve, and sad because there shouldn’t be so many people that need a food bank to get by. I pray every day that the people we have been serving receive the help they need.

This journey has been such an amazing one and I am surprised that the week is almost over. It’s gone by so quickly! The work we have been doing is amazing, and I’m so happy that I have had the opportunity to serve, and to serve with so many truly amazing people!

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